The sauce in this dish is so good, even the pickiest eaters want more

Broccoli Salad

Broccoli salad is a nutritious and vibrant dish that brings together the crispness of fresh broccoli with a delightful combination of flavors. This salad has become a household favorite for its versatility and refreshing appeal. Originating in the United States, broccoli salad has gained popularity for its use of healthy ingredients and its ability to please even the pickiest eaters. Whether you’re looking for a nutritious side dish or a light summer meal, this recipe is sure to become a delicious go-to.

This recipe is a versatile dish that pairs well with a variety of sides, making it suitable for any occasion. You can serve this salad alongside grilled chicken or fish for a complete and satisfying meal. It also complements sandwiches, wraps, and burgers, adding a refreshing crunch and a burst of flavor. For a vegetarian option, serve this salad with grilled vegetables or as a side dish to a hearty grain-based main course. No matter how you choose to serve it, the crispness and tanginess of this broccoli salad will make it a delightful addition to any meal.


  • – 8 cups fresh broccoli florets
  • – 1/4 cup red onion, finely chopped
  • – 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • – 1/4 cup sunflower seeds
  • – 1/2 cup crispy bacon, crumbled (optional for non-vegetarian version)
  • – 1 cup mayonnaise
  • – 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
  • – 2 tablespoons sugar
  • – Salt and pepper, to taste


  • 1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the fresh broccoli florets, red onion, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, and crispy bacon (if using).
  • 2. In a separate small bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper until well combined and creamy.
  • 3. Pour the dressing over the broccoli mixture and gently toss until all the ingredients are evenly coated.
  • 4. Cover the bowl and refrigerate for at least 60 minutes, allowing the flavors to meld together. This salad can also be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated overnight for even better taste.
  • 5. Before serving, give the salad a quick toss to redistribute the dressing. You can adjust the seasoning if needed.
  • 6. Serve the refreshing broccoli salad as a side dish or as a light main course, and enjoy its delightful and satisfying crunch.

Note: To make this recipe vegetarian, omit the crispy bacon or replace it with vegetarian bacon alternatives or smoked tofu for added flavor and texture.

Enjoy this refreshing broccoli salad packed with wholesome ingredients and enticing flavors. It’s a simple and delicious way to incorporate nutritious broccoli into your meals.