“She’s Insane!”: LeBron James Goes On ‘Adorable’ Lunch Date With Daughter Zhuri James, Shows Off Her ‘Wild Side’

“She’s Insane!”: LeBron James Goes On ‘Adorable’ Lunch Date With Daughter Zhuri James, Shows Off Her ‘Wild Side’

eb 7, 2023; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (6) celebrates with his daughter Zhuri James after breaking the all-time scoring record in the third quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Crypto.com Arena. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James is making good use of the Los Angeles Lakers‘ six-game homestand and is spending quality time with his family that he usually isn’t afforded due to his loaded travel schedule. The four-time MVP took his daughter Zhuri out on a dad-daughter lunch date and shared a couple of glimpses of the time they spent together. He shared an adorable boomerang with the caption, “My lunch date.

Zhuri completed her impressive task, and both dad and daughter were audibly and visibly proud. Her athletic gifts aren’t limited to balancing fries. Zhuri is also a terrific volleyball player, as evidenced by an Instagram post from James back in October. He shared clips of his daughter dominating on the volleyball court, akin to how he imposes his will on the basketball court. He captioned the video carousel,

“Another One in the making! Uh-Oh!! Let’s Gooooooo Munchin!! @allthingszhuri got NEXT!! (VOLLEYBALL) VIBES!! #JamesGang #ZTheWarriorPrincess“

James shared three clips from his visit to Zhuri’s volleyball match. In the first two, the then-eight-year-old served aces, and in the third, she’s locked in, preparing to receive a serve, when he yells, “Let’s go Munchkin,” prompting a hilarious slow-turn and expression from Zhuri. James and his daughter are a hilarious pair and never fail to entertain in their appearances together on social media, consistently leaving fans begging for more footage of the ‘James Gang’.

LeBron James and daughter Zhuri’s wonderful relationship

Zhuri James’ domination on the volleyball court shouldn’t be surprising. She’s been well-trained by her once-in-a-lifetime superstar athlete father and is just as ruthless as he is.

James’ work ethic and competitive spirit are second to none. The four-time NBA MVP is so competitive that he wouldn’t even let his eight-year-old daughter beat him at a friendly game of ping-pong.

Last year, James shared clips from the duo’s ping-pong game and captioned it,

“Zhuri wasn’t messing around! Had me sweating!”

While James wouldn’t even let his daughter score a victory over her father, she was kind enough to teach him how to bake. In a video shared on her YouTube channel, All Things Zhuri, the youngest member of James’ family teaches her father how to make peanut butter energy balls.

The video is almost four years old. Zhuri was a more accomplished cook than her father at age 5, proving that as hard as James tries, there are some things he can’t beat his kids at, regardless of how young they are.