Michael Jordan Had No Left? Star Actor Gives His Take on Viral Trend That Has Set Social Media Ablaze

NBA TikTok and its cousins in cyberspace are not averse to a nice, raging debate. An underrated one is the age-old, “Michael Jordan has no left.” The Jordan naysayers like to disprove Jordan’s ambidextrous skills when subjects are running dry. One actor is having an existential crisis at the very thought of questioning His Airness.

Joshua Neal has acted in a few TV shows like Before the Dark, Maschine, and A Black Lady Sketch Show. While he’s often on YouTube, writing, or creating art, the University of Oklahoma alum also frequents X with some witty commentary. While the Oscars were on, Neal strolled into a casual debate that’s not dying anytime soon.

Entertainer chimes in on Michael Jordan

The closest Neal has come to something Michael Jordan-like was playing a character named Jordan in the 2021 short film, Wouldn’t Mean Nuthin’. Now he’s gone a step ahead. He tweeted unprompted, “The fact that people are out here believing Michael Jordan had no left………….bro………what is life.” There’s rarely context needed to post anything about Michael Jordan but this particular debate gained traction in the past week.

A TikTok user determined to separate the ’90s NBA class from the current one compiled archived footage to prove that MJ “had no left.” Predictably, Jordan fans countered with proof that he did play with his left hand when needed. Neal is not missing out on the action.

And he’s clearly on the ambidextrous Jordan faction. The other side is not unpopulated either, but the evidence is stacked for MJ’s versatility.

Is Michael Jordan a lefty?

Yes, Jordan was dominantly righthanded, but he was not averse to improvising. Something Joshua Neal would love is the counter-compilation proving that Michael Jordan could go anyway.

Jordan dedicated a lot of time to developing his shooting skills from within the arc and could comfortably make the shot count with whichever hand. Memorably, he riled up the Atlanta Hawks by hitting from the free-throw line with his left hand in one game. It was his way of showing he could beat them with his non-dominant hand too as some pointed out.

The Hawks were repeated once more when Michael Jordan once shot with his eyes close. But one of his best signature layups is visually memorable for him using his left hand.

A fake Adam Silver also showed their loyalty to the Jordan side is of presidential proportions. The insistence to disprove Jordan’s left-handed prowess is as pointless as taunting Vinicius Jr. for his left-handed Jordan tattoo.

Of course, for most it doesn’t even matter which side of Jordan had a bigger part in accomplishing a stacked career like that.

It really doesn’t take anything away from any athlete whether they’re ambidextrous or not. Regardless, since Neal has jumped into this parlor game, which side of Michael Jordan are you on?