Michael Jordan captivated Justin Timberlake through his $150.24 billion brand, leaving a lasting impact with two creations.

Nike and Michael Jordan have worked well together, and the two have become two of the most well-known sports names in the globe. The Jordan Brand is known for more than just basketball. It’s also popular in entertainment, youth culture, fashion, and everyday life.

Recently, in a YouTube show, Complex, while doing sneaker shopping, Justin Timberlake, aka ‘Prince of Pop,’ mentions two sneakers from the $150.24 billion brand. Those sneakers made him fall for the brand.

He claimed, “Well it’s kind of ironic that the two sneakers that had the most effect on me. When I first saw them were the threes okay and Air Max. Yeah and same bubble almost and so to find out that the same guy yes was behind was the genius.”

The Prince of Pop continued by explaining the comfort he found in Jordan sneakers.

He said, “I went through a big Air Max phase just because like super comfortable shoe. I have big arches in my feet okay so I would wear them on stage. Because they were they just supported my feet. I remember all this the arch W it was a styrofoam. it was blue and pink like that was going to really save the arch. I would spend so much time trying to put them the right way.”

How did Air Jordans become popular in style, pop culture, and hip-hop, besides basketball?

The Jordan Brand became a well-known logo outside of basketball, and it also became an icon of style in the world of fashion. Sneakers went from being a must-have for athletes to a classic piece of everyday wear.

Jordan had an effect on hip-hop culture as well as on the basketball floor. His shoe brand became an important part of fashion, and hip-hop artists and famous people wore them all the time. In the 1990s, rappers and others would use lyrics to talk about Michael Jordan’s shoes and his accomplishments in their music business. Air Jordans would also show up in music videos.

These days, sneaker companies often work with clothes or other famous names to make sneakers. Travis Scott, the rapper, worked with the Jordan Brand and Nike to make a number of shoe lines. These lines bring in about $10 million a year for him. Kunkel says that brands can charge more for shoes because sneakers are becoming more popular.

Since the 1980s, shoes have become a popular way to show off your style and status. This has given rise to the sneaker business. We now see more companies dropping limited edition merchandising lines through partnering with athletes and even celebrities in multimillion-dollar shoe deals,” he said.