Magic Johnson’s Yacht: A Floating Fitness Haven for His NBA Comeback Journey, Combining Luxury and Exercise

Magic Johnson, who is thought to be worth $620 million, appreciates the finer things in life.

The fact that he rents a $138 million superyacht for a whopping $1 million per WEEK when he goes on vacation is therefore not shocking.

The storied Los Angeles Lakers player enjoys sailing over exotic coasts during the summer on the majestic Aquila.

Johnson, 63, boarded the ship in 2022 and traveled to Greece during his summer break.

What he would have wished is as follows.


The Aquila is very large.

The largest yacht built in the United States since the 1930s, it was transformed into a “party boat” with no money spared.

In fact, there is a huge jacuzzi, a day bar, and a massage area on the sun terrace.

The superyacht does have its own nightclub, and there is room for a DJ, complete with a booth, multimedia system, smoke machine, and light show.

The Aquila has a staff of 28 people and can accommodate up to 12 guests at once.


The Aquila’s chandelier, which descends four floors from the sun deck to the lower deck, is its most bizarre and aesthetically pleasing design feature. This just heightens the yacht’s opulence.

Another intriguing feature is the magnificent cinema room, which has a big 85-inch screen.

The master bedroom, sometimes referred to as the “owner’s deck,” has an ensuite for each person, a study, and a salon.

There are six other accommodations, all of which meet the highest standards for comfort and space.

Visitors can also use the Aquila’s fully-stocked fitness center.


LL Cool J and Steve Harvey were among the buddies who joined Magic in 2021 on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise around the Amalfi coast.

Prior to it, he was spotted at high-end locations like Monaco, Cannes, Corsica, and Sorrento.

In August 2020, he visited Croatia for almost one month with his wife Cookie.

He went to the lovely island of Dubrovnik and encouraged everyone to go who hadn’t.

“@thecookiej and I just returned from Croatia and we highly recommend it to everyone,” he wrote in an Instagram post. The scenery is spectacular, and the food was fantastic.

In a grand finale, the Superyacht Aquila of Magic Johnson sailed into the sunset, leaving a trail of awe and wonder in its wake. A symbol of opulence and elegance, its legacy will forever be etched in maritime history, captivating hearts and minds for generations to come. The Superyacht Aquila of Magic Johnson’s story is one of dreams realized, setting sail towards endless horizons of splendor.