LeBron James now holds record for most All-Star selections: ‘I’ve exceeded anything I ever dreamed’

LeBron James now holds record for most All-Star selections: ‘I’ve exceeded anything I ever dreamed’


This Thursday night, LeBron James became the first athlete to be selected to 20 All-Star teams just as the NBA unveiled the first 10 starters for February’s All-Star Game in Indianapolis. This means that the Lakers star has passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for most All-Star nods in league history.

The veteran forward will be joining the West’s starting five, including reigning champion Nikola Jokic, Dallas guard Luka Doncic, Suns star Kevin Durant and Oklahoma City’s Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

“I give credit and a lot of respect to my fans who have been along with me through this whole 21-year journey,” The King expressed after beating the Chicago Bulls 141-132 on Thursday evening. “And voting me in as an All-Star starter for the 20th-consecutive time, just very humbled.”


The 38-year-old is grateful to keep doing what he loves the most at his old age. “Very blessed to be able to do what I love to do and just try to give back, give back to the game that’s given me over two decades. So, to be able to know this is the first time ever in NBA history to have this many All-Star starts or whatever the case might be, it’s very cool,” he shared.

His coach Darlin Ham isn’t surprised about his player’s newest record. “Kudos to him, man. He’s a victim of his own work and success,” he said last night. “It’s crazy. I was thinking about this to myself, like, ‘Damn, he’ll never have an All-Star Weekend to himself just not to have any obligations.’ And do that for 21 years, it’s like, holy, man. Like, oof. But that’s his work.

“He put that work in. He’s maintained that consistency, that durability. And I’m happy for him.”

LeBron then admitted that he never expected to achieve so much greatness in his lifetime. ‘I’ve exceeded anything that I ever dreamed about being in the NBA. And I did that a long time ago. Everything else is just kind of extra credit. I’m very humbled by still being able to play the game I love and have these accomplishments along the way,” he concluded.

Lakers insider reveals where he believes LeBron James will play the next NBA season

Reporter Jovan Buha, who usually covers the purple and gold franchise for The Athletic, gave his take on where he thinks The King will end up playing the following campaign. As LeBron can become an unrestricted free agent this summer, he could leave the Lakers if he declines his 2024/25 player option.

“He has roots here in LA,” the LA insider assured. “His other son, Bryce, is playing in high school out here and his family is out here in LA. You’d be giving up money and a lifestyle to go somewhere else and try to win a fifth ring. Overall, handicapping it, I think he’s going to be here and stay in LA.”

Back in August 2022, James signed a two-year, $99 million extension in California. This means that the four-time NBA champion is making $47.6 million this season alone.

“There are two paths I can see (LeBron and Bronny playing together). It’s Bronny being drafted elsewhere and LeBron wanting to join that team,” Buha added. “Or, the Lakers stand pat at the deadline, the season goes haywire, they miss the Play-In Tournament or make the Play-In Tournament but not the playoffs, and LeBron asks if he can win a championship here? That still matters to him. He wants to compete for championships. He’s looking for his fifth ring.”