Lakers: How LeBron James, Stephen Curry could still team up despite failed trade talks

LeBron James and Stephen Curry still could play together

LeBron James, Stephen Curry. Eyeball emojis all around

There reportedly were rumors of the Golden State Warriors trying to get LeBron James from the Los Angeles Lakers in a trade for him to team up with Stephen Curry, and Brian Windhorst had a bit of fun with those rumors, saying that the two have thought about teaming up for months, before making a sly comment.

“What if I told you guys… that LeBron and Steph have actually been thinking about playing together for months and that they actually want to play together for Steve Kerr, and that that is something that they want to see happen where they could win something that would be meaningful and would engage basketball fans around the world?” Brian Windhorst said on ESPN. “And that is with Team USA this summer at the Paris Olympics. That is the time that they are going to play together, assuming everybody’s healthy and everybody can make it work.”

After the comments regarding the two stars teaming up on USA Basketball, Windhorst did go on to say that there was some uncertainty regarding LeBron James and the Lakers, especially with his social media activity around the game at Madison Square Garden against the New York Knicks.