Lakers coach Phil Handy compares Kobe Bryant, Kyrie Irving

It’s hard to find anyone comparable to Kobe Bryant, but if you’re going to ask Lakers assistant Phil Handy, Kyrie Irving comes close.

Speaking with Nick Jungfer of Basketball Forever, Handy said that “if Kyrie was 6’6, you would see Kobe mirrored back at you.”

Well, those are certainly some big praises headed towards Kyrie’s way. Sure enough, some might disagree considering the different playing styles they have–not to mention their mentality and approach to the game.

However, if there is someone who can make a valid and legitimate comparison between Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant, it’s Phil Handy who has worked with both players in his coaching career.

Perhaps Handy is simply comparing their abilities to score, especially since everyone knows the two are buckets. The late Kobe was one of the most prolific scorers the NBA had ever seen, while Kyrie’s ability to attack and finish at the rim, as well as his shooting are incredible to say the least.

The comparison is pretty interesting though since Irving has been linked with the Lakers for some time now. Is Handy trying to hype up the guard amid his potential move to Purple and Gold? Considering the good relationship they have, that is definitely plausible.

Of course it could be just Handy purely complimenting a good friend in Kyrie, but it will surely fuel the talks about Irving heading to LA and reuniting with LeBron James in the process.