King NBA Ja Morant not ‘completely better’ but promises to ‘be more responsible’ ahead of return from suspension

Prior to his return to Action in the National Basketball Association, Ja Morant addressed the media and made a promise to “be more responsible.” However, he also admitted that his time away from the floor has not made him “completely better.”

A nightclub located outside of Denver was the location where the Memphis Grizzlies guard, who is 23 years old, was seen brandishing a gun in a video aired on Instagram Live. The National Basketball Association (NBA) punished him for “conduct detrimental to the league” by suspending him for eight games without pay.

Morant did not take part in the Grizzlies’ victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Monday, despite the fact that he was eligible to play due to what the franchise termed to as “return to competition reconditioning.” He was sitting on the bench to provide support for his squad.

Tuesday marked the first time that the Grizzlies star, who had previously been the subject of counseling in Florida, publicly addressed the media. On the other hand, after taking part in team practices, Morant remarked that the process of stress management is one that is “continuing.”

“Obviously, I took that time to better myself and get into a better mental space,” Morant said to the reporters following the game.

As far as I am concerned, it is an ongoing process that is still in progress. It goes without saying that despite the fact that I’ve been there for two weeks, I’m not completely better. Because of this, I have continued that process ever since I announced my sexual orientation to myself.

Ja Morant stands on the sideline before the Memphis Grizzlies' game against the Dallas Mavericks.

Morant was adamant about his regret for what he had done, despite the fact that he has maintained that he has “never had an alcohol problem.”


“I sincerely apologize for that,” Morant said. “I did not intend for him to be suspended.” The obligation that I have at the moment is to be more responsible and intelligent, and to cease causing any of that. I have mentioned this responsibility previously.


“In order to learn skills in stress management, I had counseling in the state of Florida. You should learn how to deal with stress in a productive manner rather than attempting the past methods of stress management, which resulted in mistakes.


According to Morant, before to the event that occurred in Denver, he had been conscious of the fact that his “stress levels had (been) becoming a problem” and that he was “pretty much kind of afraid to leave the team.”

After that, he continued, “Clubbing is not at all on my mind at this very moment.”


Morant acknowledged his sorrow by saying, “Obviously, I’ve made mistakes in the past that cause a lot of negative attention – not only to me but also to my family, my team, and the organization.” Morant’s statement was made in reference to the fact that he regrets his actions.


“Therefore, as I have stated previously, it is my responsibility to exercise greater responsibility and intelligence, and to refrain from causing any of that.”

Morant walks off the court after the game against the Mavericks.

According to the website of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Morant was not only unable to finish the five-year contract that he signed in July, but he also missed out on the possibility to be selected to the All-NBA squad. This could have resulted in a loss of $669,000 in income.


During the time that the Memphis Grizzlies are getting ready to play host to the Houston Rockets on Monday, Memphis head coach Taylor Jenkins shared his excitement to the media on Morant’s likely return to competitive play.