How Playing With LeBron Comes With Major Pitfalls For AD


Former NBA big man DeMarcus Cousins thinks that LeBron James is the reason Anthony Davis is facing increased criticism.

There are some huge advantages of playing with LeBron, especially for a storied franchise like the Lakers.

But, Cousins believes that by playing on the same team as one of the greats like LeBron, you open yourself up to far more criticism than usual.

That is what’s happened with AD since the pair formed their partnership in 2019.

“I think it comes with the environment,” Cousins said on Run It Back. “Obviously being teammates with one of the greatest to ever touch – definitely on the Mount Rushmore of players in LeBron James – when things go bad, we all know it’s a list of guys that’s gonna be blamed before it gets to the best player on the team – or one of the best to ever play. And that’s just the environment. On top of that, he plays for the Lakers. They have a tough fan base.

“…You can average 25 and 12 and it still not be enough,” Cousins continued. “That’s not enough. It’s championship or bust no matter the season, no matter the time,” Cousins said. “That’s just the territory that comes with being a teammate of LeBron James, because greatness always comes with him, and the same thing goes with being a Laker. So, I think that plays a huge part in the criticism he (Davis) receives…”

One of Davis’ biggest downfalls in the past was his ability to stay healthy, but he has played in 65 of the Lakers’ 69 games in 2023-24.

He has also been one of the best defenders in the league and is ranked fifth in the NBA for number of blocks (2.4) per game and is ranked third in the league for rebounds (12.3) per game.

But, as long as the Lakers continue to drop easy wins and sit dangerously close to the Play-In territory with their 37-32 record and .536 winning percentage, the criticism of AD will continue.