“Everybody wanted to see me fail…” After passing 40,000 points, LeBron James reminds fans of UNREALISTIC expectations set on him as 18-year-old

“Everybody wanted to see me fail…” After passing 40,000 points, LeBron James reminds fans of UNREALISTIC expectations set on him as 18-year-old

LeBron James (Credits: NBC News and CNBC News)

After becoming the first player in NBA history to surpass 40,000 points, LeBron James reflected on the immense strain he endured as a young athlete and the standards placed on him. Ultimately, he rises above it all. Reporters were interested in finding out what advice LeBron James would give his 18-year-old self, who started the league with great expectations, now that he was making history.

The 20-time NBA All-Star surprised them by saying he would not give any advice, pointing out that his younger self had previously overcome adversity and stayed committed to his objectives. He answered directly and candidly.

LeBron James, in the post-game presser on Saturday, said,

That expectation on an 18-year-old kid? That was just insane to just think about it. I was watching that today, and I was like, 'I wish that no kid, in no sport, to have to have this type of pressure put on them, And everyone wanted to see you fail.

Given that he was being compared to athletes like Michael JordanShaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant at such a young age, James had to endure a great deal of pressure growing up, and he has more than lived up to it.

He has now accomplished something that no one else has. James has lived up to such a degree that reaching these achievements at such an age is a wonder for anyone.

Stephen A. Smith had a odd reaction while shaking hands with LeBron James before the historic night

The Lakers icon spoke with ESPN analysts courtside before making history with 40 thousand points. Everyone greeted each other with a smile, but one man had an ugly look. When James shook hands with Kendrick PerkinsBob Myers, and Malika Andrews on Saturday at the Crypto.com Arena, he responded with his usual zest barring his regular critic Stephen A. Smith.

LeBron James and Stephen A Smith
LeBron James and Stephen A Smith (Credits: First post and Esquire)

James riled up other analysts, but Smith’s handshake with the four-time NBA champion was hesitant and awkward. It’s no secret that Smith is not the biggest admirer of the four-time NBA winner.

Nonetheless, post game, Smith carried his form and blamed the Lakers team for their subpar play and for failing to adequately recognize James’ accomplishments. While James grabbed an historic feat, the Lakers lost their matchup on Saturday against the Denver Nuggets.

Smith discussed how the Lakers lost to the Nuggets on the season’s opening night. How they lost the game the night of the Kobe Bryant statue. And how on Saturday, James created history, they lost the game once more and threw water on some epic moments of their franchise with poor end results.