Erik Spoelstra’s ex-wife fires back at Heat hate comments saying she ‘fumbled the bag’

Nikki Sapp was not happy with how some fans acted.

Big news hit Erik Spoelstra when Pat Riley and the Miami Heat organization gave him an extension. He led the team to a lot of success that netted them championships and a lot of Eastern Conference Finals appearances.
Throughout the eras of LeBron James to Jimmy Butler, he has been one of the constants on the team. But fans were quick to flood Nikki Sapp, the coach’s ex-wife, and her accounts after the announcement. She did not find any of the comments pleasing.
One of the statements that Nikki Sapp blasted the most was coming from a fan who wrote: “Way to fumble the bag.”

The Heat coach’s former wife had to release a statement about it. She dropped it on her Instagram story, “I’m going to address this comment not as it pertains to my personal life choices but as it relates to a general thought process that most people have and that a lot of people have harassed me with over the years.”

She would then go on to blast the idea of her being with the Heat’s Erik Spoelstra purely just for his success. “According to crass, ignorant, uninformed society at large, women can’t ‘win’. Women can’t be genuinely in love with someone successful. No, they’re pretending and they’re in it for the money. And, if a woman chooses not to be with a successful partner, apparently she’s an idiot.”

A lot of these remarks surfaced after it was announced that Pat Riley’s Heat had extended Spoelstra’s tenure. The contract was valued at $120 million, which people had referred to as the coach’s “bag.” Moreover, Sapp further stressed that these experiences were not new to her.

“And no, I won’t ignore it. Ignoring it (harassment) for years messed with my emotional health and people need to have a better understanding of how their words can affect other people. Not just me. But people. In general. Be nicer,” she concluded.

The Heat coach and Sapp have been separated since November. The two got married in 2016. During that time, Spoelstra got busy trying to bridge the transition between their dynasty with LeBron James to land Jimmy Butler.