Earning Respect: Kevin Durant Expresses Admiration for LeBron James’ Choice to Join the Lakers


James’ decision to relocate to the West was a “perfect move,” and Durant told Marc Spears of The Undefeated that he “absolutely loves” the decision.

It was excellent! I adored it! said Durant. I thought that was a great decision; he completed everything in Cleveland. He’s not only doing the right thing, but he’s also defying the expectations of what it means to be an NBA all-star. There seems to be room for only one place for everything. He divided the content up into chapters rather well. When he finishes, I think it will make for a more interesting book.

Durant also talked about DeMarcus Cousins, the most well-known free agent signing of the summer, and the Warriors’ unexpected acquisition of him.

“I knew how important this time was for DeMarcus to find a team and find somebody that is going to help him get through this injury first and then play his best basketball,” Durant said in reference to DeMarcus’ decision to sign with the Thunder. This realisation “so excited” Durant.

Durant says he told Spears he had calls while at the theatre, but Spears chose to not answer them. However, the arrangement had been finalised by the time he got back home. He called the Warriors’ general manager, Bob Myers, and spoke with his cousins via FaceTime as well.

I think it will function perfectly in every situation. for our personal gain.

The criticism Durant has received for the decision, he says, hasn’t influenced him.

It was clear. A great product cannot be really enjoyed by everyone. Being extraordinary makes you stand out, which could be intimidating to some. Since we both entered with a basketball mindset, I believed that both of our strategies and his had some merit. That perspective makes things work out well.

He’s hopeful the Warriors and DeMarcus Cousins make a comeback before the end of the season. The team is allowing Cousins plenty of time to heal because they want him to be fully healthy when he returns to the field, Durant quickly pointed out.

Durant, along with thirty-five other players, will be attending a minicamp in Las Vegas where he will be instructed by Team USA’s recently recruited coach Gregg Popovich.

For a very long time, Coach K served as the head coach. It will be an exciting and new change with another great basketball mind leading the team, Durant said. All I want is a top-notch education so that, when the time comes, God willing, I can serve my country. I just want to be prepared for everything, therefore I’m looking forward to the next several days.

Durant also discussed his prior dinners with LeBron James and offered his thoughts on the trade of Kawhi Leonard for DeMar DeRozan last week.