Could LeBron James become Lakers player-coach after Darvin Ham firing?

LeBron James’ NBA future is currently uncertain, but could he become a player-coach for the Los Angeles Lakers?

On left, LeBron James wearing a shirt that says: HEAD COACH On right, LeBron James in a Lakers uniform dunking a basketball.

LeBron James will turn 40 years old next year but still wants to play in the NBA. Could LeBron, however, become a player-coach?

It is an interesting idea. His future with the Los Angeles Lakers is currently uncertain, and Darvin Ham was dismissed by LA on Friday. The idea of LeBron replacing Ham as the Lakers head coach while continuing to play is an intriguing one, but it probably will not happen.

According to an ESPN article from 2004, the NBA has forbidden teams from having player-coaches. This is because of the NBA’s salary cap, which was introduced during the 1983-84 season. Teams would be able to work around the salary cap by paying a player-coach less as a player and more as a coach.

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